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New Haven

New Haven, CT

  • “A one-act wonder! One of the zaniest contemporary farces, with music, that one will encounter.”

    “The show’s cleverness and audacity elevates the evening to much more than just a trifle of a comedy – there is considerable impressive method to the delicious madness on the stage.”

    Hartford Arts Examiner

Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA

  • “Impressive! One has to be swept away by the zany delirium of it all.”

    LA Times

  • “Undeniably fun! An entertaining, vaudeville-style romp!”

    LA Weekly

  • “This is an ingenious and drop-dead funny play that wows on every single theatrical level.”

    Frontiers Media


Albany, NY

  • “Brilliantly Hilarious! This bawdy, gutsy, old-fashioned comedy comes to life as two people play more than a dozen characters combined, play the piano beautifully, sing, dance, and pull every trick out of the trunk of comedy while solving a murder. If you want to laugh until you cry, see Murder for Two.”

    Discover Albany


Philadelphia, PA

San Diego

San Diego, CA

  • “The Old Globe has just opened a pretty irresistible production of this ever-clever, seat-of-the-pants two-hander. A happily madcap detective yarn!”

    San Diego Union-Tribune

  • “'Murder for Two' is simply irresistible. You can’t help but fall under the spell of this show. [Scott Schwartz] has a marvelous sense of pacing and timing — as do, of course, those two vastly comical performers.”

    Times of San Diego

  • “Two guys, one piano, a few props and a world of comedy heritage.”

    San Diego Story

  • Murder for Two is a madcap musical murder mystery, a two-man tour-de-force with energy, jokes and flair to spare. The production is slick, confident, and highly entertaining, thanks not only to the skills of the performers, but to director Scott Schwartz.”

    San Diego Jewish World

Des Moines

Des Moines, IA

  • “The actors’ talent is undeniable, and the songs they sing at the piano (which they play themselves, once with their toes) rival some of the best rhymes of Cole Porter.”

    The Des Moines Register


Tucson, AZ

  • “90 minutes of a madcap fun evening of theatre! Those who are able to witness such a fun evening of theatre should treat themselves to this opportunity.”

    Broadway World by Maria Rita Meli

  • “Two guys, one piano and an infinite amount of laughs. A boisterous, unapologetic comedy!”

    The Daily Wildcat by Kevin C. Reagan


Pittsburgh, PA

  • “Two enormously gifted actors fashioning exquisitely precise performances.”

    Pittsburgh City Paper

  • “Filled with fabulous characters, wonderfully talented actors and a beautiful design, Murder for Two is a wonderful night of theater. Murder for Two is a fabulously written musical with a great conceit: Two actors, four hands, 13 characters, one piano, 90 minutes, two murders, and one killer. Beautifully designed, magnificently acted, and flawlessly directed, Murder for Two is a show that I suggest you don’t miss.”

    The Pittsburgh Stage

  • “If you're looking for 90 minutes of pure silliness, step right up to Murder for Two.”

    Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

New York

New York, NY

  • Time Out New York Critics’ Pick

    Time Out New York

  • “Ingenious! A snazzy double-act!”
    New York Times Critics’ Pick

    The New York Times

  • “A hilarious musical whodunit!”

    The New York Observer

  • “A must-see 90-minute jolt of caffeinated creativity!”


  • “A charmingly frenetic new musical comedy performed by two aces.”

    Entertainment Weekly


Cast Album

  • “The original cast recording for Murder for Two is just as eccentric, fun and unique as one would expect. The vocals on this recording are astounding. Blumenkrantz and Ryback have incredible vocal chemistry, as their voices mesh together perfectly in "A Friend Like You," where Ryback's voice soars and Blumenkrantz voices the dynamic Dr. Griff. Of course, it's easy to have chemistry with someone else, but Blumenkrantz shows what it means to have chemistry with yourself. Playing two characters all at once, Blumenkrantz manages what seems to be impossible - going from one character to the next with no hesitation. It's hard to really get into a character, and he manages to get into 13, transitioning effortlessly from one to the other.”

    Broadway World

  • “This fantastic double-act are supported by some really first-rate material. Joe Kinosian’s music is melodic and catchy and encompasses a wide range of musical genres. Kellen Blair’s lyrics are at times laugh-out-loud funny and match the wit of modern comic gems like Mormon and Spamalot.”


Background Reading

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